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Donald Trump Loved Miley Cyrus' VMAs Performance [VIDEO]
Miley Cyrus' twerktastic performance during last week's MTV Video Music Awards had tongues and angry foam fingers wagging. Except apparently for mop-topped billionaire Donald Trump, who went on record via his Vine account to support Cyrus. We know, we're haven't been this confused since Bill O'Reilly said he supported gay marriage.
Tardy to the Party
Donald Trump will more or less put his face on anything -- cufflinks, eyewear and even hunks of meat. But now he's lent himself to a new crowdfunding website, and has decided to give away "suitcases full of cash" to help spread the word. Provided he doesn't bankrupt the company first, of course.
Reading Between the Lines
Donald Trump, who has his share of detractors thanks to public stunts like asking President Obama to prove his citizenship and suing comedian Bill Maher for cracking jokes about him, was so happy that someone actually complimented him on Twitter for once that he went right ahead and retweeted the seemingly innocuous statement without giving it a second thought. At least until someone pointed out t
Donald Trump
Blowhard billionaire Donald Trump generally uses his Twitter account to complain about the state of the world, which is why everyone was confused when he seemingly posted a “raunchy” Lil Wayne lyric from and Britney Spears' remix version of 'Scream & Shout' instead of announcing his latest ridiculous lawsuit.
Trumped Up
For some reason – most likely naïve hope – Bill Maher didn't anticipate that he would be asked to talk about the lawsuit between him and Donald Trump on 'Conan' last night (Feb. 12). Thankfully for us, Maher did eventually discuss how he's being sued by the attentionwhoring billionaire for claiming Trump was descended from orangutans.
Trump vs. Maher
As he's wont to do, Donald Trump is trying to take someone else to court over something as petty and idiotic as he is. This time, the defendant is Bill Maher, who claimed that Trump is the offspring of his mother's unholy union with an orangutan. We don't blame Trump, but for different reasons: Even missing links would be less annoying and douchey than he is.
Donald Dreck
As infamous for running his mouth as he is for bad investments and even worse hair, Donald Trump is once again expressing an opinion where he shouldn't -- this time joining Olivier Martinez in taking shots at Gabriel Aubry.
2: The Donald’s Comb-Over
Donald Trump has plenty of cash, so you'd think he'd fork over some of that paper for a quality cut — or at least hire a stylist who'd make sure his hair actually looks good.
You're Fired
Badly-coiffed blowhard Donald Trump has been dialing up the douchebaggery lately. So much so that the public is now demanding beloved retailer Macy’s end its affiliation with him and take those Trumptastic TV commercials off the air. So in that most traditional and passive-aggressive American way, an online petition is making the rounds. But will Macy’s comply?
Donald Dreck
While celebrities cheered the reelection of President Obama last night, horribly-coiffed blowhard billionaire Donald Trump rolled around in his money like Scrooge McDuck and complained to an unsympathetic internet.
Donald Dreck
We're running out of ways to call Donald Trump a tool around here. He's not just one tool, he's a whole tool box. An entire tool company. A Black & Decker, if you will. And his latest "big announcement" proves his screws are still loose.

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