We're a big fan of Twitter fights here, especially when they involve Donald Trump -- but especially especially when they involve Donald Trump being called out for being a blowhard.

Which is exactly what happened when Trump got into a debate with 'Modern Family' writer Danny Zuker.

Things started off as usual, with Trump complaining about China as he is wont to do, and Danny stepping in to remind the Donald that he bitches about China an awful lot for a guy whose clothing brand is produced there. Most likely in a sweatshop full of children. (As David Letterman also once pointed out.)

Trump, who's sparred with Zuker in the past (and didn't win then either), tried to insult the writer to the best of his ability -- but was just pwned with each lame attempt.

Things basically just went downhill from here for Trump.

What were they fighting about again? Oh, right -- China. Cue Trump sending an intern to go look up "bloviate" for him.

Things get even nastier when Trump tries to insult Zuker's Emmy-magnet show 'Modern Family,' which also backfires on him.

And just as the crowd cries out for Zuker to finish the Donald, he ends the Twitter war with a lovely good night missive. For now.

Good night dish. Good night spoon. Good night moon. Good night stars. Good night air. Good night to Donald Trump and his terrible hair.

But there couldn't have been much lingering vitriol. Because today, Danny went out of his way to acknowledge Donald's 67th birthday.

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