Miley Cyrus' twerktastic performance during last week's MTV Video Music Awards had tongues and angry foam fingers wagging. Except apparently for mop-topped billionaire Donald Trump, who went on record via his Vine account to support Cyrus.

We know, we're haven't been this confused since Bill O'Reilly said he supported gay marriage.

"Miley, don't let them get you down," Trump tells her in his Vine missive, adding, "They're all jealous."

Of course, Trump could just be protecting his behind so that Cyrus continues to stay at his hotels or will one day join 'The Celebrity Apprentice.' Or maybe he just enjoys flesh colored latex bodysuits and when women use their tongues to communicate secret Illuminati messages.

Basically, our conclusion is that Miley Cyrus' performance was cool with old white men the world over. And fathers. And Justin Timberlake.

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