Billionaire and Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban issued yet another counter-offer to Donald Trump, mocking his birther-related bid to see a copy of President Obama's passport information and school records.

And while this offer does not involve Stephen Colbert's balls, the result would be equally satisfying. Well, for someone anyway.

Cuban went on Fox4 in Dallas, taking time out of his busy schedule of running his mouth and throwing basketballs around to talk about vaguely semi-topical political matters.

He explained to the reporter that he considered Trump's $5 million offer to the president not only “one of the dumbest things ever,” but that he had a rebuttal. Specifically, $1 million dollars (to a charity of Trump's choice of course) if the blowhard 'Apprentice' host would shave his head.

While not as witty as Colbert's offer to wet his balls in Trump's mouth for a cool mil, we appreciate the image of a shiny-domed Trump.

Not surprisingly, the Donald has yet to comment. He's probably too busy protecting his hair from any enthusiastic barbers.

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