As he's wont to do, Donald Trump is trying to take someone else to court over something as petty and idiotic as he is. This time, the defendant is Bill Maher, who claimed that Trump is the offspring of his mother's unholy union with an orangutan.

We don't blame Trump, but for different reasons: Even missing links would be less annoying and douchey than he is.

TMZ got hold of actual court documents, and apparently the basis of the lawsuit was a comment Maher made to Jay Leno on 'The Tonight Show.'

The 'Real Time' host told the world's chinniest late-night host that he would donate $5 million to charity if Trump proved he wasn't the result of his mom boning an ape. Obviously to anyone who follows the news, Maher was making a point about Trump's ignorant, possibly racist "birther" stance on President Obama, as the orange mogul frequently demands more and more documentation of the POTUS' origins.

Still, Trump is holding Maher to his word and suing him for that same $5 million after producing his own birth certificate that proves his father was in fact human (allegedly). Trump claims five charities have been deprived of Maher's riches as a result of his failure to hold up his end of the bargain.

While we don't necessarily have a horse in this race, we do suggest that taxpayers sue Trump for wasting the court's, government's and thus the people's time, energy and resources with his mindblowing need for attention.

We also have a word of advice to Maher's legal representatives: Feel free to use this photo to drive your point home. Seems like an honest, common mistake to us.