Donald Trump, who has his share of detractors thanks to public stunts like asking President Obama to prove his citizenship and suing comedian Bill Maher for cracking jokes about him, was so happy that someone actually complimented him on Twitter for once that he went right ahead and retweeted the seemingly innocuous statement without giving it a second thought.

At least until someone pointed out that all those strangely capitalized words within the message spelled out something that was far from praise.

It took Trump about 30 minutes to see what everyone else saw almost immediately, and once he did, he deleted the missive. But not before the writer, Chris Jackson, could share it with the Twitterverse, writing, “This will be my peaking on Twitter.”

Take careful note of what all the capital letters spell out:

Donald Trump Coded Insult

What followed was Trump complaining about being pwned by calling Jackson the dumb one, despite him being clever enough to get one past the Donald.

Much of the Twitterverse was delighted by Trump's mistake, and Jackson wrapped up the saga thusly:

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