Donald Trump will more or less put his face on anything -- cufflinks, eyewear and even hunks of meat. But now he's lent himself to a new crowdfunding website, and has decided to give away "suitcases full of cash" to help spread the word.

Provided he doesn't bankrupt the company first, of course.

Trump sent word via Twitter, telling his 2 million followers:

Seems that in one of his shameless publicity stunts, Trump will be giving away three suitcases full of bills (and maybe a few birth certificates), and other attendees will be randomly selected to win "piles" of hair product money.

The site,, is similar to IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, except it charges more and you'll be forced to look at Donald Trump's face at the top of every page -- because that's worth a premium.

And why's he doing this? To help people!

Count us out. We'd rather be helped by a herd of angry wildebeests. But if you do go, drop us a line and tell us how Trumptastic it was.

Donald Trump

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