While celebrities cheered the reelection of President Obama last night, horribly-coiffed blowhard billionaire Donald Trump rolled around in his money like Scrooge McDuck and complained to an unsympathetic internet.

Where better to air your grievances about how the electoral college destroys everything than Twitter, where people know that even the popular vote would've still secured an Obama victory?

It's the perfect place to claim (without evidence) that voting booths were changing Romney votes into Obama votes when major news outlets had video proof that it was the Republican party being favored by faulty machines.

Trump has been mocked recently for a ridiculous $5 million dollar challenge to the president in which the Donald demanded Obama's school and passport records. That got him offers of balls in his mouth and a buzzer to his locks -- but it was his misunderstanding of the word democracy last night that had America really laughing.

And one more just for fun...

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