Amanda Bynes

'Crazy Hot'
Wyclef Jean addressed those rumors that he'd be producing the upcoming mythical Amanda Bynes rap album, with his people saying this week that he has no plans to work with the actress.
But that doesn't mean she's left high (so to speak) and dry -- because Waka Flocka Flame has come…
Dynamic Duo
Not only is Amanda Bynes' rap career looking more and more as if it's a real thing, Wyclef Jean has now allegedly signed on to produce the eventual album (which may or may not put William Hung to shame).
Lady Luck
The Amanda Bynes questionable sanity tour of 2013 continued this weekend, as she hit up a casino in Atlantic City (don't mention it to her, she'll deny it), got some shopping done, and possibly tried to attack an onlooker.
True Confessions
Remember that time self-proclaimed "publicist" Jonathan Jaxson claimed that Amanda Bynes was suicidal, so he helped orchestrate an intervention?
Now he's claiming she's admitted her whole nutso schtick is just a ploy for attention -- and he's posted the supposed …
Miley Speaks
Miley Cyrus heard the rumors swirling about a possible hook-up with Justin Bieber, and she's none too pleased. So she's apparently taken to calling into radio shows to set the record straight.
Puppy Love
Despite not wanting to be seen or paid attention to, Amanda Bynes continues to spend a lot of time trudging around Times Square. And this weekend was no different.
That's a Rap
When Amanda Bynes first mentioned something about getting a record contract for a rap album, everyone just assumed she was mouthing off as usual. She may as well have said she was starting a boarding house for three-toed sloths.
But at least one company has taken her seriously, and is now offering he…
One Wasn't Enough
Amanda Bynes has been getting a lot of heat recently for what she's been saying on Twitter -- specifically using gay epithets and talking about "ugly" black people. But now she's found a kindred spirit who shares her exact feelings.
Just kidding. It's still her.
'Calm Down Gurrl'
Comedienne Kathy Griffin's talk show may have been cancelled, but that certainly hasn't stopped her from mocking celebrities (or continually embarrassing her buddy Anderson Cooper).
Proof? Her 16th stand-up special, 'Calm Down Gurrl,' airs Tuesday night on Bravo -- and in a new in…
Today in Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes continued her long, snowballing descent into the comfortable walls of a padded cell this weekend, talking about plastic surgeries and picking all sorts of fights.
'I'm Not Crazy'
Even though many people think Amanda Bynes has gone off the rails in the past few months, she still claims she hasn't -- which makes us wonder what kind of "normal Amanda Bynes" behavior we've been missing out on all these years.
Bynes' Big Fan
The world may be hard on Amanda Bynes, but not David Spade. In fact, he may be a little hard for Amanda Bynes.
Bynes' Bust ... Busted?
After Amanda Bynes was arrested for allegedly throwing a bong out of her window, everyone assumed the cops would find copious amounts of drugs in her apartment and throw the book at her.
But it turns out they didn't -- so Amanda might be set to walk away from the incident without so much as a wr…
When Pots + Kettles Tweet
Courtney Love, perhaps upset that she's been cast off Hot Mess Isle by Amanda Bynes, has taken to Twitter to inject herself into the latter's ongoing crazy saga.

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