Amanda Bynes continued her long, snowballing descent into the comfortable walls of a padded cell this weekend, talking about plastic surgeries and picking all sorts of fights.

Upset with PEOPLE Magazine's coverage of her zany antics, Amanda upped her game on Saturday, June 1, tossing out a gay slur towards its Twitter account. Bad form, Amanda:

Um, @Peoplemag Hello? I'm not lost and alone! WHATTHEF***AREYOUTALKINGABOUT? Follow me on twitter you f***ots!

As if she wasn't already in enough hot water with the gay community, Manders then set her sights on RuPaul the next day. Oh, and her dad.


But Ru wasn't having any of it, and fired back with poise and class -- exactly what we've come to expect.


Meanwhile, in between pissing off everyone she can think of, Amanda took some time to talk to TMZ about that nose job. It turns out she just had more work done on June 1 in Manhattan, saying, "I have no bandage on. It's healing on its own like my doctor asked."

"I'm getting one more in 3 weeks, they are short amazing surgeries done while I'm awake but under general anesthesia. It's almost perfect."

(What she's describing sounds an awful lot like a liquid rhinoplasty - performed by injecting fillers into the nose (instead of the usual complicated surgery). This is the same procedure Brandi Glanville got after she broke her nose.)

Lastly, Amanda promised she would stop hiding from the cameras -- behind sheets, towels, handbags and her hair -- after her nose doesn't look "so awful." We still don't know what she's talking about, but okay.

Even though she blocked us on Twitter and broke our hearts, we're still concerned for Amanda, and aren't even asking her to return our varsity jacket. Just get better, eh?

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