Comedienne Kathy Griffin's talk show may have been cancelled, but that certainly hasn't stopped her from mocking celebrities (or continually embarrassing her buddy Anderson Cooper).

Proof? Her 16th stand-up special, 'Calm Down Gurrl,' airs Tuesday night on Bravo -- and in a new interview, Griffin took aim at everyone from Amanda Bynes to Justin Bieber.

In the sit-down, Griffin addresses the oft-troubled Bynes and a desire to "figure out where Amanda gets her wigs." Kathy also sees a direct correlation between celebrity meltdowns and a hatred of natural hair.

"Britney: BOOM. I’m going through a phase. Amanda Bynes: Crazy phase; I don’t want my hair. Miley: shave it. It’s just so funny. I’m not a physician, but I’m just going to say that might be one of the symptoms that it’s time for an intervention," Griffin joked.

"Justin Bieber probably has a electric shaver buzzing right now on his bathroom sink," she continued. "He’s very close to shaving his head while on a segway smoking pot flipping off [everyone]."

That said, "I’m not going to make fun of the fact that [Amanda Bynes] seems to be legitimately troubled ... I’m not going to go out [onstage] and say Justin Bieber is a horrible singer. Because he’s not, I think he’s a great singer."

"But I do think it’s hilarious that with all of his money he can’t seem to buy a pair of pants that fit. His pants are not appropriate for anywhere. I think he thought they would take off like a trend, like the weird drop crotch," Griffin added of Bieber's penchant for wearing diaper pants (because where do you even buy pants like that?).

However, not all celebs are horrified by Griffin's antics. After once taking aim at fellow comedian Jerry Seinfeld, Griffin made a lifelong friend.

"He actually thought it was funny. At the tapings for 'Seinfeld' they would actually play the clip from my HBO special when I was talking smack about Jerry; it would warm up the audience," she revealed.

"And then they would play a clip of when I went on 'Conan,' and Jerry sent me a letter and I read the letter on 'Conan' and it was really funny and really scathing. So I heard back, ‘That part of your special, Jerry is now playing it to warm up the audiences every week.’"

'Calm Down Gurrl' premieres tonight, June 4, at 10:30 p.m. on Bravo.

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