Amanda Bynes most recent mugshot has been in the news a lot, but every time we see it our brain keeps convincing itself that Miley Cyrus is the one in handcuffs. Geez, you'd think we have face blindness or something.

Cyrus has been in the news a lot lately -- not for anything that's against the law, but rather because of her continuing saga with possible fiance (but who even knows anymore) Liam Hemsworth, to whom she may or may not be still be getting married. Again, it's hard to keep track anymore.

Bynes was recently arrested for possession of marijuana and throwing a bong out a 36th-story window. When she's not getting in trouble with the law, she can be found on Twitter insulting people like Rihanna and whomever else ignites her ire, threatening to sue everyone, and denying reports that she's herself.

She's either insane ... or she's the best Method actor of our time.

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