Wyclef Jean addressed those rumors that he'd be producing the upcoming mythical Amanda Bynes rap album, with his people saying this week that he has no plans to work with the actress.

But that doesn't mean she's left high (so to speak) and dry -- because Waka Flocka Flame has come to her rescue.

Original reports indicated that people over at Chinga Chang records were in talks with Manders to cut the record, and that Wyclef was jumping on board. But the wheels began falling off when Wyclef's people told TMZ he never even talked to her -- and doesn't plan to, either. (It's possible Wyclef wasn't interested in being called an "ugly black man.")

But never mind all that.

Waka Flocka Flame, who befriended Amanda a while back by saying something nice about her Twitter (earning himself a place among the small handful of people she follows), runs Brick Squad Monopoly records, and he's happy to work with her. In fact, he says a deal is pending and he's already got songwriters working on her tracks.

The songs may not be written yet, but Waka says the album already has a name -- 'Shots' -- and that it'll be "crazy hot."

He and the, uh, "eccentric" former actress text every day, and he doesn't think she's nutty at all, saying, "She has it all together to me. She is cool as hell and ready for the rap world. I think she is going to kill the game."

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