Following the high he got by appearing with Will Smith on 'The Graham Norton Show,' Alfonso Ribeiro is in the limelight (or at least its closest shadows) once more. And like just about every else these days, he's being asked about Amanda Bynes.

On the red carpet for his 'Fresh Prince' co-star's new movie 'After Earth,' Ribeiro was a better diplomat than most members of the United Nations when asked about Bynes' spiral and child stardom in general.

"I think the world has changed and I think that the reality shows believe that the world has a right to your personal life," Ribeiro said. "I think that if we can lose the personal side of celebrities' lives being so out there in the public, she could actually probably rehabilitate herself with whatever’s going on, if anything."

Then he even waxed philosophical: "How much of it is true? How much of it is sensationalized? We don’t know. And the truth lies somewhere probably in between."

Still, he admits he's not innocent of partaking in the party that is Bynes' speculation and spectating. "I watched something [Ed. note: probably this] the other day and a photographer's sitting there, actually assaulting her," he confessed.

"I think that's the side that actually has to change. Regardless of what’s she going through, regardless of what has happened to her in her life, it's never OK to put your hands on a woman. And that guy who did that should actually be prosecuted for putting his hands on her when she's hiding herself trying to get into her building after going to jail."

He may not actually be Carlton Banks, but the man's got Carlton's class.

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