Despite not wanting to be seen or paid attention to, Amanda Bynes continues to spend a lot of time trudging around Times Square. And this weekend was no different.

Perhaps shopping away her sorrows, Manders stopped at both Forever 21 and MAC Cosmetics to buy some essentials, but panicked after being spotted. 

"As soon as she saw people noticed her, she paid and then ran out and pushed anyone who was in her way," a source told E! News.

Then, because she can't get enough, she was seen again on Saturday -- this time, carrying a puppy.

A Vine video posted by a witness details several seconds of Bynes, shopping bags flung over her shoulders, holding up the pup like baby Simba over the African plains.

Gotta admit -- we're a little worried about that puppy. But then again, if history is any predictor, Amanda will inexplicably decide he's ugly in a week or so and let him loose inside the Times Square Bubba Gump's, where kindly strangers will take him in.

And hopefully coax one helluva story from his adorable little puppy lips.

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