Even though many people think Amanda Bynes has gone off the rails in the past few months, she still claims she hasn't -- which makes us wonder what kind of "normal Amanda Bynes" behavior we've been missing out on all these years.

Amanda took to Twitter on Wednesday, May 29, to deliver a terse but pointed message maintaining her sanity.


You could take her at her word because, after all, she did say this on her Twitter, and so you are obligated to believe it. But in case you'd like a second opinion, Amanda's lawyer chimed in, too.

Richard Hutton, Amanda's DUI attorney in Beverly Hills, talked to PEOPLE about the starlet after a hearing on her case, saying she's doing just swell.  

"I think Amanda's fine. I have no problems with her whatsoever. She's a fine client," he said. "Every time I've talked to [Amanda], I've had nice, attorney-client normal relations with her."

Sure, he's not privy to her current NYC legal woes, but he does talk to her on the regular. He also had some thoughts on that new case, involving an alleged criminal "we-assume-this-was-a-bong" tossing.

"The New York case doesn't seem like much of a case, really. I mean, come on. Even if you believe everything you hear, it's something that amounts to virtually nothing," he tells the mag. "And it's my understanding there's not much evidence to back that case up. There's no physical evidence to back it up. I understand there's no marijuana, no pipe."

Ahhh, the old "if a bong wasn't broken, she wasn't tokin'" defense. Well played.

In the meantime, Amanda is continuing to backtrack on calling Rihanna "ugly" by posting a picture of herself and RiRi that she claims was "mocked up" (Bynesian for "photoshopped") to make them appear together -- and calling the singer "a beauty."


The problem? The photo wasn't doctored. It was taken in 2007 at the American Music Awards and obtained through the Getty Images photo agency -- meaning it's entirely legit. Perhaps she just erased the meeting from her memory?

And finally, in a heartbreaking turn of events, it would appear Manders has blocked us on Twitter, despite our habit of consistently rooting for her. This probably has something to do with us running out of selfies and using non-Amanda approved photos.

We've only ourselves to blame.

Regardless, at this point the evidence seems to indicate Amanda is not crazy, just really eccentric. Like a hyper-aggressive Olsen twin, if you will. And that's good, because we really just want her to be her happy, twerking self.

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