Amanda Bynes

NYPD Blues
At this point, Amanda Bynes' life is like one of those old, wooden roller coasters you don't want to stand up on for fear of being decapitated. She's rapping, she's been groped, she's wig-shopping. In short, she's a super busy girl.
Now the NYPD is trying to make her a life a little simpler by scuttl…
RiRi Gets the Last Word
Amanda Bynes has been acting increasingly unhinged for a while now, and being arrested late last week seems to have pushed her off some imaginary ledge.
Not only is she claiming the bong she tossed out a window was really just a vase, she's threatening to sue pretty much everyone -- and now, for rea…
Long Time Coming
As anyone with access to the Internet or a checkout stand in the past year knows, Amanda Bynes has some serious issues. The problem is, they're not clinically serious enough -- that anyone can prove -- for her to get psychiatric help.
And sources say her issues have been brewing for quite a whil…
Nuts, But Not Sick Enough
Believe it or not, despite denying everything that's happened in the last 48 hours, Amanda Bynes actually isn't crazy enough ... for a psych hold, that is.
That's One Lousy Hair Day
As you've probably heard by now, everyone's favorite hot mess Amanda Bynes was arrested Thursday night for pot possession and winging a foot-long glass bong out of her 36th-floor apartment window. (She now says the bong was a vase, but that's kinda like saying the pot was oregano.)
Anyway, legal issu…
Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes clearly still has the sense of humor that launched her into child stardom. Case in point? The excuse she gave to a judge this morning (May 24) following her arrest last night.
Quick Change Artist
Amanda Bynes legal woes extend not just to her probation, but also to, well, her extensions.
The troubled and troublesome former actress was photographed on her way to court with a full platinum blond wig -- but her mugshots reveal something a bit appalling underneath.
Bongs Away
The Amanda Bynes saga took another bizarre turn late Thursday night, when the troubled actress was arrested in her NYC apartment -- after throwing a bong out the window of her apartment on the 36th floor.
Google Me
Professional hot mess Amanda Bynes was denied access to a private jet over the weekend after trying to use a Google vanity search in lieu of government-issued ID.
The Amanda Show
Amanda Bynes has been relatively silent lately, signaling the inevitable meltdown that was to come. And (ta-dah!) it's here -- in the form of a new report that Amanda is drugging it up, shirking personal hygiene and blacking out her windows.
Let's Make a Deal
A lawyer for Amanda Bynes pled no contest today on behalf of the possibly crazed former actress, who got herself in trouble last fall for driving on a suspended license.
Child Prodigy
Amanda Bynes is now famous for wanting rappers to do damage to her genitalia, wandering around aimlessly, and having serious workout moves. But before that, she was famous for being funny.
And it started early.
Moves Like Muppet
Some crafty individual who holds a membership to Amanda Bynes' gym uploaded a video of what she claims to be Bynes working out -- with moves like a Muppet being operated by a detoxing junkie.
Amanda + Jenny
No longer content with lacy bra shots, Amanda Bynes upped the ante and posted topless photos to her Twitter feed on May 1 before getting caught up in some major Twitter drama with Jenny McCarthy and a questionable publicist.

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