Courtney Love, perhaps upset that she's been cast off Hot Mess Isle by Amanda Bynes, has taken to Twitter to inject herself into the latter's ongoing crazy saga.

It all began when Court, following Bynes' legal woes like the rest of us, tweeted the most ironic message of all time.

It was pithy, on point, and seemed to encapsulate the collective thoughts of the nation. But being told to shape up by Courtney Love is worse than being told to calm down by Christian Bale, and the humor didn't go unnoticed by others, either.

Like 'The Soup' host Joel McHale, who tweeted (and was retweeted by Amanda).


So, inevitably, Amanda fired back.

But Courtney didn't take the bait, and simply received Manders' message with open arms, replying with empathy.


And following up with a message to the press.


On top of all this, a new report alleges Britney Spears also reached out to Amanda, completing the crazy triumvirate.

Meanwhile, Amanda added several more lawsuits to her increasing legal docket, and also announced that her lawyer is getting her case dropped. What kind of lawyer would promise her that, anyway?


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