Amanda Bynes acted pretty normal on a trip to a trampoline park in Buffalo, N.Y. this week. Well, almost.

E! Online reports that Bynes, 27, drove to the Sky Zone indoor trampoline park in Buffalo and was pleasant enough, rocking a brunette wig for the occasion.

"She was great. She was very friendly to the staff and came and just jumped around," a rep for the park said before getting in a plug. "She told us that she had been to a Sky Zone before and had really liked it and she said she loved jumping around. She said was definitely going to come back."

Workers at Sky Zone said Bynes had fun but requested that staffers not take photos of her. (Remember? Selfies only.) "She seemed like she was having a lot of fun," a witness said.

"She was all over the place, jumping and falling but that's pretty typical of a trampoline place," the source was sure to note. "It was pretty quiet in terms of people jumping. She asked if she could jump with us and we said sure but she just hopped around."

However, Bynes denies that the person at Sky Zone was her: She insists she's never been to Sky Zone and also denies owning a brown wig.

However, in the video TMZ snagged of the troubled starlet, her "impostor" has the same tattoos and bone structure ... and she only denies being in Buffalo, not being Amanda Bynes.

Which means Bynes is either lying for unknown reasons or so out of touch with reality that she doesn't even know where she is or where she's been (always a possibility). Or hey, maybe Sky Zone just hired a double and staged an elaborate plan for publicity.


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