Not only is Amanda Bynes' rap career looking more and more as if it's a real thing, Wyclef Jean has now allegedly signed on to produce the eventual album (which may or may not put William Hung to shame).

A source tells the New York Daily News that their collaboration has "been in the works for a while now," and that Jean wants to keep things quiet until he hears the final mix -- or Amanda catches him taking a photo of her and destroys the studio in a hair spray fireball. Whichever comes first.

Questionable source Jonathan Jaxson "confirmed," telling the paper, “[Amanda]'s going to a Midtown studio and will be releasing a single soon.”

Meanwhile, a different source told Radar Online that Wyclef is a perfect match to produce Amanda's single -- because he's not just an artist, he's a "humanitarian." (We're not sure why that makes him a good match for Amanda, unless she's now a bona fide charity project.)

“They’re envisioning something similar to Wyclef’s production of Lil Wayne‘s 'Sweetest Girl,'" says the source of the record's sound. Alrighty then.

Amanda, meanwhile, has yet to say anything about the single, but we suspect she's still coming up with a list of things that rhyme with "Drake."

"You look like a snake / Who got hit with a rake / You say I do drugs? / I'll throw you in a lake!"

First one's free, Manders. You're welcome.

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