Ke$ha's Cru$hes
Kesha is pretty fearless and doesn't take anyone's crap (especially not this guy's), but there are some people who genuinely scare her: Directioners, because they're insane, and Beyonce -- because, well, look at her.
Kesha on 'Conan'
Kesha was her usual adorably wacky self on 'Conan' last night. To wit: She wore a booty short/three-piece suit with host Conan O'Brien's face all over it, and then she talked about the weirdest things possible.
Haters Gon' Hate
Proving that Kesha is a lot smarter than people give her credit for, the 'C'Mon' singer revealed that she finds blogger Perez Hilton to be little more than a glorified bully. Atta girl!
Glitter-encrusted singer Kesha is no stranger to saying and doing things that make people roll their eyes -- from drinking her own urine to performing fellatio on pastries, wearing undergarments made out of teeth and having sex with ghosts -- but this is probably the first time her eyes rolled aroun…
Crazy Beautiful Life
Back in January, MTV teased us with a promo for its new show that hoped to answer all the questions you may have about Kesha's life. Like, can you really live off glitter? Has she ever snogged the ghost of Clark Gable? Does Jack Daniels mixed with clay count as toothpaste?
Kesha + Debbie Thornberry – Celebrity Doppelgangers
March 1 marks the birthdays of Justin Bieber, 'Supernatural' star Jensen Ackles, fictional characters Ron Weasley ('Harry Potter') and Aragorn ('Lord of the Rings') and too-ridiculous-to-be-real Kesha, who probably celebrated her own "expulsion from the womb" day by performing sex acts on …
The promos keep coming to help generate interest in Kesha's upcoming documentary, 'Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life.' And now that we know we'll see the singer drinking her own urine, bathing in glitter and performing sex acts on Italian pastries, it's definitely working.
Urine My Way
In “that's not that surprising for a woman who sexes up ghosts and wears underwear made from human teeth” news, Kesha's upcoming documentary 'Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life' will feature the singer drinking her own urine.
Glitter Bomb
MTV will be airing a documentary series about the ghost-sexing, teeth undergarment-wearing queen of glitter, Kesha. The series, titled 'Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life,' will follow the singer through her two-year meteoric rise to stardom, with her brother Lagan Sebert directing the whole s…
Kesha for President
While President Barack Obama was celebrating his second term at the official and impossible-to-crash Inaugural Ball (believe us, we tried), other celebs partied at peripheral events to ring in the Commander-in-Chief's next four years in office.
One such luminary? Kesha, who donned her patriotic best …
Kesha Without Makeup
Even when she's not wearing makeup and is just out on the town with her gal pals, Kesha still manages to be covered in glitter.
This is why glitter is called the herpes of the craft world: It just won't go away.
Sweetly Sapphic
Is there anything -- or anyone -- Kesha won't do?
She has her assistant dress in a penis costume when she's cranky, she has sex with supernatural beings, she admitted she'd totally rock little Justin Bieber's world -- and now she says she's attracted to girls as well.
Pants on Fire
After last week's tragic Sandy Hook school shooting in Newton, Conn., Kesha's youth anthem 'Die Young' began slowly disappearing from radio playlists. And the singer herself has now weighed in on the controversy -- albeit with a bizarre explanation.

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