March 1 marks the birthdays of Justin Bieber, 'Supernatural' star Jensen Ackles, fictional characters Ron Weasley ('Harry Potter') and Aragorn ('Lord of the Rings') and too-ridiculous-to-be-real Kesha, who probably celebrated her own "expulsion from the womb" day by performing sex acts on Italian pastries and drinking her own bodily fluids.

To celebrate her 26th year on this planet, we thought we'd discuss her cartoon look-alike: the original hipster, Deborah "Debbie" Thornberry from Nickelodeon's 'The Wild Thornberrys.'

Kesha is a glitter-covered bad girl whose contract apparently requires her to brush her teeth with whiskey, party all night, sex up ghosts, wear teeth as underwear and dress like a KISS groupie. Oh, and she also sings and dances sometimes.

Debbie Thornberry was forced to ride around the African jungle with her nature documentary parents, genius sister and feral brother. She notably wore plaid and rocked the side bang way before they were cool. (See? Original hipster.) She was also totally obsessed with music and fashion, and often utterly confounded the people around her.

What we're saying is we think we found Kesha's role model from the '90s.