Kesha Would Totally Bone Justin Bieber, You Guys
Good news for Justin Bieber in case Selena Gomez gets tired of his drama anytime soon -- another pop star is up for a roll in the hay with him. Kesha's not opposed to bangin' the Biebs. On that note, maybe swap out "hay" for "glitter."
Life + Times of Kesha
When we last saw princess of glitter -- and not much else -- Kesha, she was off copulating with ghosts. And since she has an album coming out in a few weeks, we are once again bombarded with her useless musings. This time, the vapid popster sat down with The Sun, and the result was about as ridiculous as you’d expect.
Kesha Is Too Special to Have Sex With Mere Mortals
An old saying just got a new update: From now on we can all say, “I’ve died and gone to Kesha,” because apparently the pop star does, you know, "stuff" with ghosts. Sexy stuff. No, really. That’s what she said. And we totally believe her.