Back in January, MTV teased us with a promo for its new show that hoped to answer all the questions you may have about Kesha's life. Like, can you really live off glitter? Has she ever snogged the ghost of Clark Gable? Does Jack Daniels mixed with clay count as toothpaste?

Well, now we at least have the answers to some of those questions in the form of the series' first full-length trailer. 'Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life' follows the singer around in an attempt to document, in her words, "the change from people thinking I'm disposable."

"This is the only thing I was born to do," she exclaims at one point. Which is telling, considering she says the MTV cameras allegedly caught footage of her drinking her own urine. But, you know, it worked for Bear Grylls.

In the 2-minute trailer, Kesha tackles a variety of subjects. For example, she discusses her dreams about male genitalia, belches flagrantly and says she's looking for a man with a big beard who isn't intimidated by her "fierceness." She also briefly discusses her nude photo scandal, choking up in the process.

If nothing else, the series will reveal Kesha to be more human than you probably thought. "My message," she says in the preview, "is to give haters the finger, and be yourself."

In other words, don't be jealous just because ghosts don't love you and your pee isn't delicious.

The series premieres April 23 on MTV. Don't confuse it for a celebrity edition of 'Buckwild.'

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