The Twitterverse was fairly quiet today (July 9), what with it being Tuesday and all, but that didn't mean all the celebrities kept their 140-character-or-less thoughts to themselves.

Kesha, who spent her day being ... well, Kesha, rocking a fake saber tooth tiger head and going shirtless. As you do.

Kanye West is none too happy that someone leaked an
unfinished version of his music video 'Black Skinhead.'

Selena Gomez showed off an adorable pair of Adidas for her new baby sis.

Conan O'Brien shared that his penis has a drinking problem.

Miley Cyrus decided to take Jay-Z's commentary as no press is bad press. Or she just didn't get it.

Amanda Bynes won't stop talking about those imaginary plastic surgeries we see no evidence of.

And Brandi Glanville says you shouldn't throw stones at her for being a drunken mess unless you're a perfect snowflake.

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