Kesha is pretty fearless and doesn't take anyone's crap (especially not this guy's), but there are some people who genuinely scare her: Directioners, because they're insane, and Beyonce -- because, well, look at her.

One Direction's rabid (er, devoted) fanbase went nuts on K-Dollar Sign after she revealed that she and 19-year-old heartthrob Harry Styles have been texting.

"We've texted here and there," Kesha, 26, told MTV News a bit back (via SugarScape). "No sexting -- not yet," she clarified, crushing the dreams fan fics are made of. "Maybe he could be my cougar bait."

Of course, this sent his fans into Pixie Stick-rage. "I hope they don't want to beat me up. I'm just a fan too!" Kesha told LOOK magazine (via Contact Music). "He and I are just friends. Actually, we started texting a long time ago and we're just friendly, it's not sexy."

As for Queen Bey? Kesha revealed that Beyonce is pretty much a goddess to her. "I think she might actually be perfect," she gushed of the maybe-baby-carrying pop royalty.

Still, Kesha admits that she embraces her own imperfections: "I show my flaws -- they're real. I don't have a perfect body. It's important for girls to see that you don't have to be perfect."

But let's be real here. Who needs perfection when you have buckets of glitter and bras made of teeth?

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