The promos keep coming to help generate interest in Kesha's upcoming documentary, 'Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life.' And now that we know we'll see the singer drinking her own urine, bathing in glitter and performing sex acts on Italian pastries, it's definitely working.

Wethinks it should be retitled 'Kesha: Everything I Do Is Comedic Gold.' Because dude.

In the newest promo for the documentary that was two years in the making, Kesha's in a restaurant when a crew member brings her an enormous cannoli with whipped cream balls, so she does what any self-respecting young lady would do and gives it a beej. (Which may bring back some fond memories for some of you.)

That would be enough for a normal person, but this is Kesha, kids. So she then proceeds to feed the cannoli cream to her crew straight from her own mouth as if they were baby birds in desperate need of sustenance.

This girl.

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