After last week's tragic Sandy Hook school shooting in Newton, Conn., Kesha's youth anthem 'Die Young' began slowly disappearing from radio playlists. And the singer herself has now weighed in on the controversy -- albeit with a bizarre explanation.

As she expressed in this now deleted tweet from Dec. 18, someone "forced" her to sing those lyrics. Weirdly, though, she's listed as one of the song's writers -- and it's pretty hard to imagine anyone forcing Kesha to do anything.


That comment has since been replaced with one in which Kesha seems to take all the blame, saying she understands why the lyrics in 'Die Young' could be perceived as “inappropriate.”

She also tweeted a link for her fans to donate to a fund helping the Sandy Hook victims' families.

Regardless of who was behind the song, its lyrics were obviously never meant to evoke thoughts of a tragedy of this or any magnitude. It's just an unfortunately-named song that came out at the worst possible time -- so she really didn't owe anyone an apology at all.

Now that that's settled, we just hope she'll reveal more about what it takes to force her to do something she doesn't want to do. Cattle prods? Waterboarding? Cutting off her access to glitter? WE HAVE TO KNOW.