Kesha was her usual adorably wacky self on 'Conan' last night. To wit: She wore a booty short/three-piece suit with host Conan O'Brien's face all over it, and then she talked about the weirdest things possible.

For example, she recalled that previously on the show, she tasted Conan's beard (something he doesn't remember) and that she then started putting strangers' beards in her mouth because it's fun to figure out if they're homeless or not.

If that isn't bizarre enough for you, Kesha also explained her latest songwriting technique: turning off the lights and lowering her boobs over her piano to compose songs of their own accord. Because they're sentient.

But there were also gifts! In addition to bringing Conan underwear with her face all over it, she also brought him jewelry of one of her fan's teeth dipped in gold. Which isn't the weirdest thing she's ever done with their teeth.

Watch the videos to see Kesha in all her eye-blinking glory, and to see if Conan and sidekick Andy Richter can keep straight faces while imaging how her breasts write songs.

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