Even though Lindsay Lohan could have gotten out of her recent legal woes by taking a plea deal, she refused every single offer made to her -- and will thus go to trial on Monday, March 18.

Mark your calendars, kids. Miss Lohan could be facing up to 245 days in jail for her probation gaffe. Or, you know, probably not, since she's a celebrity and all.

To refresh your memory, all this stemmed from LiLo lying to the cops in her car accident case and violating her probation in that jewelry heist case. (We know, it's hard to keep all this straight. That's what we're here for.)

Incompetent lawyer Mark Heller tried his best, but LiLo flatly rejected any deal offering confinement -- be it jail time, rehab or a little house arrest.

She has one more chance of avoiding trial, assuming she shows up to court and her lawyer enters a plea, but at this point, Lindsay is pretty set on finally proving her “innocence” before a judge.

We'd have taken that house arrest offer ourselves, but our good ideas don't include starring in movies directed by the ShamWow guy. So we're obviously not on the same page here.

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