First little sister Ali and the Orange Oprah tried riding Lindsay Lohan's coattails to fame. Now Lohan's estranged half-sister, Ashley Horn, is using her name to get her own name out there. And she's also using a scalpel.

Horn has spent about $25,000 on plastic surgery to look more like Lilo, and um, based on the photos, it hasn't worked that well -- because other than the red hair dye, the resemblance is minimal at best.

"I've gotten rhinoplasty, a bit of refinement underneath my cheeks and jawline, some fat injected into my chin and some fat injected into my upper cheeks," Horn told InTouch (via the New York Daily News). "My goal was to look like Lindsay in her good days, when she was around 18, 19 years old," she added. "I'm hotter than Lindsay. I have no problem saying that!"

Lohan's dad, Michael, who's no stranger to fame-whoring of his own, ranted to Radar Online about Horn using their name to further her own nonexistent career. "Do you think my daughters actually would want to have anything to do with Ashley when all she's trying to do is ride on Lindsay and Ali's coattails? I don't think so."

He added, "I think it's sick, and somewhat pathetic, that a mother would allow her 18-year-old to do such a thing when Dina and I would never condone anything like that for Ali or Lindsay," he continued. He noted his own somewhat hypocritical stance, adding, "And other than maybe a little lip plumper, nothing was ever done with either of my daughters."

Horn explained that spending her money on surgery may be better than spending money on, well, the stuff that Lohan spent her money on. "I'm not Lindsay -- I wasn't raised in that family," Horn said, not noticing the irony in her own statement. "I don't drink, do drugs or party … I like being a responsible person."

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