Kanye West does not want to go to jail for his alleged battery on a paparazzo, and he also doesn't want the paparazzo profiting from the incident. To prevent the latter, he's enlisted some big guns. Who? Shawn Holley.

If her name sounds familiar, it should: she's repped Lindsay Lohan and did quite the job of keeping the oft-troubled starlet out of the slammer.

For the uninitiated: In July, just days after West was videotaped instructing paparazzi to remain silent around him and leave him alone, one particular pap, Daniel "Dano" Ramos, harassed West. Ye flipped out on Dano and attempted to grab his camera, leading to a small scuffle … and a lawsuit from Gloria Allred.

West subsequently was charged with criminal battery and attempted theft, and he's refuting the charges (both misdemeanors) with Holley's help.

West and Holley's official response to Ramos' lawsuit claims that West was acting in self defense.

"Daniel Ramos is not entitled to relief on any of the claims set forth in the complaint because at the time and place mentioned in the complaint, Daniel Ramos willfully and wrongfully caused Kanye West to reasonably believe his safety was in immediate danger," the response (via Radar Online) reads. "Kanye West responded to this assault by doing only those acts that were reasonably necessary for his self-defense and safety and was justified in doing those acts."

Blair Berk is representing West in the criminal case; the 'Yeezus' rapper is due in court for an arraignment on Oct. 10.

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