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Taylor Swift Meets Fan Who Got Hit By a Car Outside Concert
What began as a nightmare for a seven-year-old Taylor Swift fan became a dream come true. Little Grace Markel was struck by a car while walking into a Taylor Swift concert and hospitalized for severe injuries ... and wound up being consoled later by Swift herself.
Grab your Kleenex, kids!
Sparks Flying?
Looks like Taylor Swift may have found the subject of her next chart-topping album, at least according to witnesses who saw her getting cozy with Australian actor Brenton Thwaites earlier this week.
Taylor Swift Lands in the Guinness Book of World Records
The Guinness Book of World Records: It's not just for people who don't trim their fingernails! It's also for Taylor Swift, who managed to get her name attached to two world records in the 2014 book.
It has nothing to do with breakups -- but it has everything to do with the success of b…
Ed Sheeran Clears Up the Taylor Swift 2013 VMAs F-Bomb
Taylor Swift delivered a "shut the f--- up" heard (and GIFed) 'round the world at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, and considering she'd dissed her ex, One Direction hottie Harry Styles, that night, the world assumed she was talking to him. After all, he was onstage when she said it, so it…
Taylor Swift Stalker Arrested
Taylor Swift has to deal with guys not loving her back pretty often, but this time around she's got one guy who just won't get out of her hair -- and who's straight up scary.
The 'Everything Has Changed' singer reportedly has a full-blown stalker, and the perp was arrested af…

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