Lindsay Lohan could potentially avoid her March 18 trial date if she accepts a plea deal from the prosecution for lying to the cops, but she still refuses to take any offer that ends in either jail time or rehab.

Mostly because she's waiting for the plea that ends in ice cream and hugs -- but the prosecution seems set in making sure Lindsay is locked up somehow.

A source told Radar Online, “The Los Angeles City Attorney is requiring either jail time or rehab for Lindsay as part of any plea deal in her lying to cops case. She would have to go to rehab for at least 60 days, and the jail time would be at least 45 days.”

On the off-chance that Lindsay is sentenced to 45 days, she would only serve 11 of them behind bars due to an errant celebrity's best friend: overcrowding.

“Someone with her criminal history is lucky to be offered such a great deal, but she just doesn’t seem to understand that. Barring any last shred of common sense on Lindsay’s part, this case is going to trial.”

It should be noted that the deal would also require “lengthy” community service and public service announcements. And since we know how much LiLo likes ditching work whenever possible, we can see where that option is going.

“Lindsay is ready to go to trial. She has always wanted to face a jury of her peers, and feels confident she will be acquitted. Lindsay has nothing to hide,” an insider added.

However, even if she is acquitted (which is far from a lock since the prosecution has multiple witnesses, including the passenger who was in LiLo's car when she got in her fender bender), La Lohan still faces a possible 245 days in jail for violating her probation in that necklace heist case from a while back.

Regardless, her "incompetent" counsel, Mark Heller, is still confident he can get her a deal that doesn't require “confinement” of any kind -- including rehab. Lindsay is resistant to that because she swears she doesn't have a drug or alcohol problem.


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