Lindsay Lohan is in trouble yet again -- NO! -- this time for lying to the boys in blue about her June car accident along the Pacific Coast Highway. A wreck she claimed wasn't her fault.

Do tell us more, Lindsay.

Despite being the driver involved in the crash with an 18-wheeler, Lindsay told cops she was not behind the wheel. But due to multiple eyewitness accounts stating otherwise, she's now in hot water for lying about it.

That's what's called "karma." Or in this case, car-ma. Something.

Anyway, her busy and beleaguered lawyer, Shawn Holley, tried to stop Lohan from telling untruths but she'd already made her (false) statement by the time Holley arrived at the hospital. That said, the attorney earned her keep by explaining away the pills strewn all over LiLo's car and purse as "medical necessities." So there was that.

Now Lohan is facing a misdemeanor to be filed as early as this week, which makes her double-screwed as she's currently on probation for being an inept jewel thief -- so the violation could send her orange ass to jail.

We all know that probably won't happen, but it's cute that prosecutors are using it as a threat anyway.

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