Because Lindsay Lohan's life has come to this, she's not just making cameos in films like 'Scary Movie 5' -- she's also appearing in something called 'InAPPropriate Comedy,' which inexplicably stars Oscar winner Adrien Brody and was directed by Vince Offer. Whom you may know better as the guy from the ShamWow commercials.

Obviously, anyone is allowed to make movies these days. Even dudes in cheesy infomercials who've also been pinched for knocking around hookers.

La Lohan only features in the trailer for a few seconds, decked out like Marilyn Monroe in 'The Seven Year Itch' and fulfilling a fantasy by shooting up the paparazzi once they're done “shooting her.”

Even funnier, Lindsay (who can be seen wearing her alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet) gets less screen time than fellow actor Rob Schneider, whom we're actually not surprised to see in a movie of this caliber.

The film hits theaters (most likely very limited ones) on March 22. If you like poop jokes and racially insensitive, non-linear plots, get your tickets early.

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