A tired, pale and raspy Lindsay Lohan finally showed up in an L.A. court room today, March 18, about 45 minutes late to her trial for lying to the police in that car accident case from 2011. (As previously reported, she missed multiple flights before finally hopping a private jet to make it to the hearing.)

The bottom line: She finally wised up and took a plea deal.

Here are the details:

La Lohan pled no contest to the vehicular violations and was given two (more) years of probation, 90 days of lock-down rehab, 30 days of community service, and 18 months of psychological counseling (which she's already started).

On top of that, she got a 180-day suspended jail sentence for violating her probation, but she won't have to serve that as long as she obeys the terms of everything else. There are also fines and restitution money she'll have to pay.

She also agreed to random drug testing, not to drive under the influence or without a license or insurance, and not to possess narcotics or associate with people who use them, except for those with whom she will be in rehab. She must also obey all laws. (It's that last part that's been such a sticking point for her in the past.)

The judge also warned her that if she does not take these conditions seriously, she will not be shown mercy again and will be forced to serve her suspended jail sentence.

Sound familiar? It's like her legal life is 'Groundhog Day' on an infinite loop.

After it was all over, LiLo finally exited the court -- looking much worse for the wear than when she entered.

So ... no trial. Things didn't go exactly how we anticipated.

We certainly didn't expect Michael Lohan to chase after lawyer Mark Heller at the post-hearing presser and yell at him about what an incompetent he is. But yeah, that sounds about right.

Oh, and did we mention LiLo was glitterbombed on her way into the courtroom? Photos of that, the courtroom drama itself, and her exit are below. (And check out more photos of that bizarre outfit she was wearing here.)

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Pool, Getty Images
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