There are certain occasions in life where a simple black suit will suffice. A funeral. A job interview. A court appearance.

But if you're Lindsay Lohan and you're headed before a judge for the bazillionth time, you don't keep it modest, prim or proper. You wear a white pantsuit comprised with possibly sheer fabric and a skirt over the pants part. Maybe?

Personally, we wouldn't wear this outfit to a club or a wedding, either. But LiLo chose to don it for a court date on March 18. And maybe the ensemble confused her too, because she was almost an hour late.

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We can't tell if it's a top and skirt -- with white, ankle-zip leggings underneath -- or if the skirt is sewn into the pants, or if it's even a tunic with pants. There's no line of demarcation and it's an optical illusion, a fashion conundrum that has us analyzing angles to figure out just what the hell this is.

Despite the color, the outfit is not demure by any means and it's certainly not courtroom appropriate, especially when you want the judge to exact a little leniency. In fact, it kind of screams defiance.

Valerie Macon, Getty Images

It's like she's already well aware she's a mess, so why fake having her ish together by wearing a tailored two-piece? Maybe she thought that would be like lying in court.

Valerie Macon, Getty Images

The one saving grace for this sideshow? The gray suede pumps. Those are faboosh. But they would look better paired with a simple navy or black suit with a pencil skirt and fitted blazer nipped at the waist. Linds, is it really that hard? Work with us here.

Valerie Macon, Getty Images