Lindsay Lohan has once again shown her priorities are in serious need of a realignment -- as her Monday morning date with a Los Angeles judge loomed, she bailed on two flights from New York this weekend then spent Sunday night in a panic trying to arrange transportation.

TMZ reports that Lohan skipped her originally scheduled Saturday night flight to L.A. in favor of staying in New York City to see a band called City of the Sun. (We looked them up -- whether or not they're worth it is for you to decide.)

Lohan apparently told pals she was waiting on a later flight that she could make with her mom, Dina ... who then decided she wasn't going to bother coming along to see whether or not her daughter would land behind bars yet again.

TMZ pointed out that Lohan has a history of missing flights -- she missed a 2010 court date because she claimed to have lost her passport, and she missed her flight to the White House Correspondents Dinner when she "couldn't get herself together."

Lilo caught a later flight out of JFK airport to Los Angeles ... and then got off the plane before takeoff because she swore there was a "fuel leak," leaving her bags on the plane in her frantic scurry off of it. She claims 35 others got off as well, fearing their safety.

The flight was delayed an hour and was slated to stop for fuel in Las Vegas ... which isn't that unusual.

Lohan then called everyone in her contacts begging for a private plane to take her to L.A., and according to E! Online, she finally found a taker early Monday morning and should land about an hour before her scheduled court time.

Even assuming she makes it, things don't look good for La Lohan. Prosecutors want the judge to throw the book at the starlet in her lying to cops case. L.A. prosecutors are hoping a jury will convict Lohan -- because that would then amount to a violation of her probation in that old jewelry theft case, and she could face up to 240 days in jail.

Translated into magical L.A. time, it's only 60 to 90 days, but hey, it's more than the hour or so she's used to spending in the clink.

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