Today (Aug. 29) on Twitter, celebrities spent the entire time talking about, well, each other. Whether they were gushing about a fellow star's awesomeness or making jokes with or about them, Twitter was full of celebrity interactions -- and sadly not enough Throwback Thursday pictures.

Naya Rivera and Demi Lovato are totally girl crushing on each other.

Even in fictional conversations with himself, Bruno Mars cannot win.

Yvette Nicole Brown is sharing future 'Community' quotes.

Simon Pegg explains Martin Freeman's awesome wrap gift for 'The World's End.'

Spike Lee can do impressions over the Internet.

According to Bret Easton Ellis, Lindsay Lohan was a no-show to the Venice International Film Festival.

But that didn't stop her from mentioning 'The Canyons' anyway.

We don't even know what Donnie Wahlberg is talking about anymore.

And Rainn Wilson is practicing for his Drake parody account.

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