Despite selling her porno, 'Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom,' for just under $1 million, Farrah Abraham continues to pretend that she never really meant for anyone to see it.

Farrah posted a video on her Keek account in which she reverts back to her old story about how she originally filmed the video to immortalize her 21-year-old body (back and front doors) and had no plans to sell it -- until that meanie James Deen threw a wrench in her plans.

In the Keek video, titled "WHAT would YOU do #IF???," Farrah lays out her twisted version of events by trying to put the audience in her shoes.

"You have been a single mother for four years, often dating loser-ass boys who always try to sell information, lie to you ... manipulate, and you’ve just realized you’re an awesome person and you deserve someone," she starts off.

After telling the world she cries every night, she says she made her own video to "celebrate [her] awesome body" and "get [her] own sexy shots." Then she throws some shade at Deen and triumphantly tugs down on the brim of a pink Vivid Entertainment cap.

Call us cynical, but people don't usually go about filming hard core porn with established XXX stars just to boost their self esteem. So Farrah must think pretty little of the public if she expects them to fall for that (even less than she thinks of Deen's professional tool).

At any rate, the video has garnered lots of responses, including things like "F all the haters Farrah. I hear you did back door. What guy wouldn't want a three input gal?!?" and "you have a horse face and are a terrible mom and guys dont want you cause all you do is cry and whine!," not to mention a few people who even recorded their own Keek videos as rebuttals.

So maybe people aren't quite as naive as Farrah would like to think.