Despite her claims of being a millionaire, Farrah Abraham is still shopping around for other people to buy her things.

The 'Back Door Teen Mom' starlet is sharing an Amazon wishlist in hopes that people who probably make much less money than she claims to will treat her to presents.

Abraham posted the following missive on Twitter, featuring a link to a laundry list of presents she wants:

Abraham's wish list is a total of 39 items long. Out of those 39 items, 31 are for her, including "sexy super hero" and French maid costumes, a slew of expensive dresses and furniture. A total of eight items (out of the aforementioned 39) are for her daughter, Sophia, including a pea coat, a pair of pants and toys, some of which are only $15 -- and that Abraham could ostensibly just buy herself with her sex tape cash.

The news shouldn't be terribly surprising, considering Abraham has allegedly been hunting for a sugar daddy on the internet for a while.

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