Farrah Abraham followed in Kim Kardashian's stiletto'd footsteps when she made her porno (and got rich and famous for doing it), and now it looks like the 'Backdoor Teen Mom' star has been inspired by someone else who's famous for nothing: Courtney Stodden.

Or maybe Farrah just got the idea to pose for Girls & Corpses magazine all on her own.

As you may remember, child-bride Courtney was a recent G&C cover girl, during which she posed with rubber facsimiles of rotting dead people -- because yeah, that fetish actually does exist in nature.

Never one to miss an opportunity to get naked for money, the always-thirsty Farrah has now done the same, using a Keek video to announce her issue of G&C will be out sometime this winter.

“Farrah was a scream on set! This was our wildest shoot ever and the photos of Farrah will blow everyone’s mind … It’s dead sexy," Robert Rhine, Girls & Corpses “Deaditor-in-Chief” (seriously) told Radar Online.

“It was hot as hell in our studio when we shot and I attribute much of that heat to Farrah wearing a teeny weeny bikini while cuddling our cold corpse. Farrah has a great sense of humor and Girls & Corpses fit hers her like a Spandex body bag.”

Farrah herself called the photo shoot "the craziest," and when she was asked what the hardest part was, she said (with unusual wit), “I think showing my butt off, the behind shot. It was like, whaaat? That was very tough for me.”

See, if they'd just had James Deen on set, she'd have felt right at home.

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