In case you haven't heard the horrifying news, molds have been taken of Farrah Abraham's chest and lady parts and will be sold as sex toys in 2014. But even more terrifying, her dad thinks this is a really awesome business decision.

The toys will be sold by Topco. After Abraham's dad Michael (you can't trust those celebrity dads with that moniker) heard about the news, he didn't respond in any of the way a normal father should (i.e., immediate revulsion followed by a sinking feeling of discomfort).

Instead, he wrote of the venture on his Facebook, "My daughter Farrah is funny and a progressive business woman, I wonder if Topco will make a 'Michael' Adult Toy ...... Stay tuned."

That sound you heard after reading that sentence was your internal organs ceasing all their functions in an effort to escape this world.

"Yes, I'm her father, and yes, I wish at times she would do other things," he admitted of her sexually charged decisions, adding, "but the girl works hard to provide for Sophia."

Farrah's parts will go on sale in January of 2014. We know, it would have made a great Christmas gift.

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