Farrah Abraham may be adding to her resume using the same skills that made her infamous, then notorious, in the first place.

The 'Back Door Teen Mom' star allegedly may be an escort.

Radar Online reports that Abraham is acting as a professional "sugar baby" for rich men.

Of course, equal famewhore, smaller-scale sex tape star and ex of Kris Humphries, Myla Sinanaj, is the one selling Abraham out this time (instead of how she usually sells herself out).

"Farrah told me she met this guy on a sugar daddy website," Sinanaj said. "She flew out to see him and everything. She said they give you money to like go on vacation or to go shopping. They pay your bills."

While most sugar daddy websites specify that sexual activity isn't officially part of the deal, Sinanaj quipped, "When you’re meeting up with them, they already know why."

Abraham reportedly recruited Sinanaj for the site, but she refused, because even she has some standards. "Farrah basically was like, 'You have to try this site. I got a guy who’s loaded.' I personally didn't trust it. First, anyone can go on there and claim to be rich."

The heavily implanted Abraham even tried to get Sinanaj to join her on a Sugar Daddy cruise, but Sinanaj missed that boat deliberately as well.

"I was like, 'No, I'm gonna pass on that,'" Sinanaj griped. "I don't have trouble finding guys. And the guys will all think you’re a gold digger."

Sinanaj implied that Abraham was exactly that -- and then she basically just outright said it, too. "[Going on the site shows] how desperate she is for money right now," Sinanaj revealed, despite claims that Abraham made a million for her sex tape.

"She did not make that much. If she had made that much, she would have shown everyone the check instead of waiting a few weeks to show everyone the residuals check! It's obvious she was lying."

Right. Because if anyone knows the price of a sex tape, it's someone else who made a sex tape.

Sinanaj continued, "She makes all of her money off of [nightclub] bookings and her sugar daddy website. She's doing anything she can. She's desperate."

Almost as desperate as someone who has to drop her name to get press, right Sinanaj? In any case, Abraham basically called BS on her fellow thirsty vixen.

"Thank you for notifying me of lies and scams by both of these women [Myla and her manager] as they will be reported," the Vivid star said. "For the record I am a millionaire, secondly I never optioned that the Fatima or 'Myla' … ever be apart of those things, and I have no idea why they are sending made up texts to cause drama. I no longer speak to them… I have a real life with real people in it."

But the boobs? Not real.

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