Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Wants to Write Erotic Novels Now
Farrah Abraham is a creative genius, consistently finding new, surprising and lucrative ways to stay famous by literally selling sex. Now, not only does the 'Backdoor Teen Mom' star want to invade your monitors and Twitter feeds, but also your bookshelves and ear drums.
Farrah Abraham Posts Amazon Wish List
Despite her claims of being a millionaire, Farrah Abraham is still shopping around for other people to buy her things.
The 'Back Door Teen Mom' starlet is sharing an Amazon wishlist in hopes that people who probably make much less money than she claims to will treat her to presents.
Farrah Abraham Covers Girls & Corpses Magazine [PHOTO]
Farrah Abraham followed in Kim Kardashian's stiletto'd footsteps when she made her porno (and got rich and famous for doing it), and now it looks like the 'Backdoor Teen Mom' star has been inspired by someone else who's famous for nothing: Courtney Stodden.
Or maybe Farrah ju…
Trayvon Who?
Farrah Abraham demonstrated once more that she has no plans for getting admitted into MENSA, even just to clean the floors of their offices.
The 'Back Door Teen Mom' star was asked what she thought about the Trayvon Martin verdict, and, lo and behold, she had no clue who Trayvon Martin was.
No New Nudes
Farrah Abraham is really good at taking off her clothes -- it's her only real skill set. But she's not even good enough to do that for Playboy.
The men's bible outright rejected the 'Backdoor Teen Mom' star not once, but twice. Wah wah.
We See What She Did There
Because there's nothing more American than capitalizing on a sex tape and a teen pregnancy, Farrah Abraham is embarking on yet another business venture. The 'Back Door Teen Mom' star, who recently checked herself into rehab for boozing too much, is opening an alcohol-free eatery. Of d…
Rehab Bound
Farrah Abraham checked into outpatient rehab on Sunday night. This according to the 'Backdoor Teen Mom' herself, who knew she needed help -- but was still able to alert a press outlet to her whereabouts.
'He's So Old'
Newly-minted porn star Farrah Abraham had a real shot at becoming Charlie Sheen's new goddess -- right up until she leaked their text messages. That prompted an enraged response from Sheen.
But hey, no big. Farrah, 22, says she'd never date him anyway ... because he's super old.
Farrah Needs Some Aloe
As we reported yesterday, Farrah Abraham and Charlie Sheen have been texting, and she proudly showed TMZ proof of such.
But Charlie was none too pleased about her revelation, and he's now penned an acidic missive to the teen mom that seeks to put her back in her place. Wherever that may be.
Text Me
Looks like Farrah Abraham is one step closer to becoming a goddess, because she's officially been texting Charlie Sheen for a month now.
Factory Fresh
Now that Farrah Abraham has a bestselling sex tape, it's high time she looked the part (well, looked the part even more). So last month, she had herself retrofitted with a new pair of boobs to replace the old-new boobs she bought a while back. But since these are way better, maybe she won'…

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