James Deen

Anger Management
We haven't heard much from Farrah Abraham lately, but don't worry -- she still has the tabloids on speed-dial.
This time around, she continues to be bitter that James Deen blew the lid on her 'Back Door Teen Mom' porno. You know, the one she tried to pass off as a private sex tape, despite hiring a …
'Back Door' Deal
So remember how Farrah Abraham called paparazzi on herself when she went to buy a pregnancy test in full makeup, hair and heels?
James Deen is pretty mad about that.
Chivalry Isn't Dead
Porn stars need to stick together -- and not just literally.
XXX star James Deen has come out in defense of his 'Backdoor Teen Mom' co-star Farrah Abraham after social media sites exploded upon seeing the 21-year-old mother hide his salami in every which way possible.
Backdoor Deal
After weeks of intense, Cuban Missile-style negotiations, 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham finally sold that "private sex tape" she shot with James Deen that's actually just straight-up porn.
It Wasn't Him
Considering newly-minted porn star Farrah Abraham recently talked smack about her porno co-star James Deen's peen, he's probably well within his rights to dislike her. But despite the rumors, he didn't threaten her over email -- probably because he just didn't care enough to…
James Jeers
Farrah Abraham has finally been opening up about that sex tape professional porn she did with XXX star James Deen. You know, the one she pretended to not know about until he inadvertently sabotaged her plans.
Now Deen has removed the (love) gloves and is firing back at her allegations that his naught…
James Deen's Wee Peen
Farrah Abraham is continuing her porn tour, talking to anyone who will listen about the video she commissioned with James Deen, then tried to pass off as a stolen sex tape.
The latest? She admits it was her idea, doesn't want it released without tons of cash thrown at her and thinks Deen's ween needs…
XXX Marks the Spot
Originally, 'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham was just your average girl next door with a sex tape being shopped by anonymous sources to porn distributors. You know, the usual attentionista stuff.
Then it turned out she was doing that shopping herself. Now? She's just straight-up confused…
(Lack of) Brainchild
Farrah Abraham may have bigger bolt ons than brains, but she used whatever was in that surgically-altered noggin of hers to come up with her porno herself.
Not My Daughter
'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham's mother Debra Danielsen has assured us her daughter is not the kind of girl who does porn. (Just the kind who fraternizes with the pornographers and has sex on camera with porn stars, apparently.)