Au Naturale
Beyonce is easily one of the most beautiful people on the planet, so the idea that anyone needs to retouch her whatsoever is pretty preposterous.
And Bey got really (Sasha) fierce when she found out H&M wanted to retouch her bikini photos.
Reach Out and Touch Someone
A Beyonce fan in Copenhagen apparently snoozed through the life lesson about keeping your hands to yourself. He boldly slapped the singer's butt while she was performing -- and got a rebuke from Queen Bey herself.
Power Players
The POTUS, Barack Obama, and his FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, were named the World's Most Powerful Couple by Forbes. No surprise there, but they were joined on the list by a slew of celebrity pairings as well.
Do Something
Funnyman Ricky Gervais -- who has made no secret of his atheism -- recently took to his Twitter feed in the wake of the devastating tornado in Oklahoma to call out some fellow celebs that he felt should've been more tangible with their sympathy.
No Baby for Bey
The Beyonce Uterus Watch went into overdrive on Friday (May 17) with E! News citing sources who said Beyonce was very definitely pregnant with Jay-Z's second child.
Something Jay-Z told a friend simply isn't true.
Is Bey Expecting a Bey-Bey?
The "Beyonce is preggers" rumors have been pretty rampant lately, especially when she cancelled a recent concert due to alleged dehydration and exhaustion -- but a source close to the couple revealed it may not be fiction after all.
Ke$ha's Cru$hes
Kesha is pretty fearless and doesn't take anyone's crap (especially not this guy's), but there are some people who genuinely scare her: Directioners, because they're insane, and Beyonce -- because, well, look at her.
Oh Bey-Have
It's usually good to be the King Bey, but lately her highness has had a hard time.
Beyonce faces backlash for banning professional photographers from her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, and now her beloved Beyhive in Belgium is swarming angrily following a postponed concert.
Sick + Tired
Beyonce added fuel to those pregnancy rumor fires (rumors being vehemently denied by those close to her) by cancelling a concert in Belgium today, May 14, due to a combo of dehydration and exhaustion.
No More Ba-beys
There won't be any more alleged Illuminati heirs anytime soon.
Sources close to Beyonce and Jay-Z are scoffing at rumors that the Queen Bey has another baby in her hive.
Is the Bakery Open for Business?
Rumor are swirling that Beyonce is expecting her second child. The proof, according to sources? The high waist of her black and gold Givenchy gown at last week's Met Gala. So according to insiders, Bey's gown was merely a tool to conceal her pregnancy -- in addition to being once of her wo…
Stage Mom
To the left, to the left -- the most famous baby on the planet is off to the left.
Blue Ivy Carter made her second ever onstage appearance this week, joining hot mama Beyonce for a performance of 'Irreplaceable.' And yes, it was as glorious as you'd think.
Demands of a Diva
Queen Bey is earning her nickname lately. First she banned photographers because she didn't want unflattering pictures floating around, and now we have her tour rider -- which is full of ridiculous "necessities."
Queen B
Beyonce released a brand new song titled 'Standing on the Sun' in conjunction with a commercial for clothing retailer H&M. In it, she dances around in bikinis and  becomes Queen of the beach dwellers while playing the role of Mrs. Carter.
To all the naysayers who claimed her sw…
Unintended Consequences
Back in February, Beyonce and/or her publicist launched an all-out war against a crop of unflattering pictures that turned up among the myriad of gorgeous ones during her Super Bowl performance. Now, she's upped the ante -- and banished photographers from her new world tour.
Because, like our gr…
Everyone wondering why Jay-Z went from rapping about selling crack in Brooklyn to about rubbing shoulders and sampling truffles with Barack Obama in D.C., you can thank his bank accounts -- and Beyonce.
The couple have broken the $1 billion mark in their net worth.
Bet that's how she afforded tho…
High Beams
Either Beyonce rocked fake nipples on one of her bodysuits at the opening of her Mrs. Carter Show world tour -- or it was really, really cold in that building.
Queen B
Beyonce Knowles is the new face (and body) of H&M, and now we're getting a look at her full campaign with a series of stunning swimwear shots. You may want to be sitting for this.
Paradise Present
After returning from their romantic anniversary vacay in Cuba (which had everyone up in arms), seems Jay-Z now has plans to buy wife Beyonce her own island.
Because when you're Jay-Z and have a $227,000 American Express balance, picking up some flowers at the gas station last-minute just isn&ap…

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