Everyone wondering why Jay-Z went from rapping about selling crack in Brooklyn to about rubbing shoulders and sampling truffles with Barack Obama in D.C., you can thank his bank accounts -- and Beyonce.

The couple have broken the $1 billion mark in their net worth.

Bet that's how she afforded those solid gold nips.

The Daily Star reports that Bey's H&M, Pepsi and L'Oreal endorsements (and her clothing line, perfumes, etc.) are raking in the big bucks, and her Mrs. Carter Show world tour alone -- featuring those infamous shiny headlights -- is shaping up to earn the singer, actress, model, mom and mogul $75 million.

Beyonce is further proof of why the queen is the most valuable chess piece. Queen Bey is actually worth more than her rapper, producer, mogul and reformed hustler husband.

Guess that explains why they don't care much about the fines they're facing for going to Cuba, considering they could probably afford to buy the entire island.

You know, if they didn't have one already.