The "Beyonce is preggers" rumors have been pretty rampant lately, especially when she cancelled a recent concert due to alleged dehydration and exhaustion -- but a source close to the couple revealed it may not be fiction after all.

According to E! News' trusted insiders, Jay-Z and Bey are officially expecting a sibling for Blue Ivy. Which isn't totally out of the blue, since the 'Single Ladies' singer recently told ABC news that she "would like more children."

Multiple source (whom we assume have more to go on beyond that Bey wore a high-waisted dress to the Met Gala) say that Mrs. Carter, 31, is indeed knocked up with Baby No. 2.

So pop some champagne and toast to the happy couple. After all, it's your job to drink for Beyonce now. Really, it's the least you can do.

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